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Candy Stripper



Since this season’s theme is “Eat Too Much”, Candy Stripper’s pop food patterns are very popular! We had the shop staff, Yuri who has been working there for 10 years, showed us the latest donut pattern item! Whether you wear it as Set Up, this mix of sweet and street style goes well together!
PRICE: DREAMIN’ DONUTS TOPS 13,800JPY,DREAMIN’ DONUTS MIDI SKIRT 14,800JPY, Donuts Pouch 7,000JPY, Socks 1,500JPY, Shoes 28,800JPY


今シーズンのテーマが 「Eat Too Much」ということで、ポップな食べ物の柄が人気のCandy Stripper。スタッフ歴10か月のYuriさんには、新作のドーナツ柄を着てもらいました!セットアップを着ても、甘めとストリート感をMixしたテイストに仕上がっています。


The point here is that the collar part is organdy! If you arrange your hair by curling or coloring, this coordinate will look sweeter!



The Pouch that pulls out the sweet taste, it uses pink napped material on the donut designed fabric and stitching for the icing to give shininess. It looks 3D and round that makes us imagine the real fluffy donut!
PRICE: Donuts Pouch 7,000JPY




For socks, go for the colored one to match. Socks and wedge sandals mixed together makes your coordinate pop from your toes! 
PRICE: Socks 1,500JPY, Sandals 28,800JPY



With black background and donut pattern, it pops up more! The donut pattern in Candy Stripper is not too sweet and can mix with street style. The reason behind that is because… the pattern is already pop design! By not making too girly, and printing a real looking donut, you can enjoy a sweet and street mix coordinate!
PRICE: One-piece dress 14,800JPY

 黒地にドーナツ柄で、さらにポップ感がUP。Candy Stripperのドーナツ柄は、甘すぎずストリート感をMix出来るのがポイント。その理由は、柄のプリントがポップだから。かわいらしく加工せず、あえて生のドーナツのような写真をプリントしたことで、甘めとストリートをミックスした感じのコーデが楽しめます。



There are many variations to the colors too. Yuri says “This season, fruits and sweets prints are very popular here at our store. It’s also cute to Set Up with other patterns to create pattern on pattern look!”
PRICE: Donuts Top (Set Up) 13,800JPY, Donuts One-piece dress 14,800JPY

色バリエもあって楽しめます。「今シーズンは、フルーツやスイーツ柄はお店でもとても人気です。他の柄とも、柄 × 柄でセットアップできるのがかわいいですよね」とスタッフのYuriさん。


There are also Sweats to the donut pattern. If you wear this, you can arrange it into street or sporty style!
PRICE: Donuts Sweats 12,800JPY



Candy Stripper, located in the Cat Street area, will attract you with the store’s outside appearance! For the brand name Candy Stripper, Candy means sweet and cute and Stripper means independent women, so just as its name, it is not just sweet but also pop and cool store!

キャットストリートエリアにあるCandy Stripperは、その外観からも思わず引き込まれます。Candy=スイートでカワイイ、Stripper=自立した女性、という意味を込めて命名されたブランド名のとおり、甘いだけじゃない、ポップでクールなショップなのです。



Let’s try the mix coordinate from Candy Stripper, like sweet and street style, and sweet and sporty style!


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Candy Stripper HARAJUKU
4-26-27 1F Jingumae
Shibuya-Ku Tokyo
*All prices do not include consumption tax.



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