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Maison de Julietta



The second report of the ” Maison de Julietta”, a salon where you can experience being a Lolita.
Once you get in to your dress, next let’s start the makeup!
First, you put on a net for the hair wig.

ロリータ体験サロン「Maison de Julietta」体験レポート第2弾。


Volume up the eyes by putting on fake eye lashes.
One of the characteristics of Lolita makeup is to really work on the eyes.



Put on the hair wig, in the color that you want!



You choose out your favorite hairstyle by looking through the catalogue. 



This time, Tricia and Fish chose out the Lolita’s authentic pigtails! 



Did you know that the lights on the side of the makeup table is lighting for taking selfie?
Tricia finished her makeup early and she takes selfie with the pose that she learned from the shop staff.



Looks like Tricia and Fish both finished thier hair and makeup! Let’s move to the shooting studio and begin the photo shoot! The professional camera man will take the pictures for you. 


These are the finished photos taken by the camera man.



They teach you the Lolita pose, and will take cute pictures by you holding items such as stuffed animals, and umbrellas!



At the end of this whole experience, you will get Maison de Julietta’s exclusive icing cookies!

体験終わりにはMaison de Julietta特選のアイシングクッキーももらえるよ。

Experiencing being a Lolita, they cheerfully said, ” Like you go to Kyoto to wear kimono, when you go to Harajuku, you do the Lolita fashion. We think it’ll be cool if it becomes like a famous tourist spot for it!”
Collecting all the items can be pricey but the good thing about this is that, with Lolita experience package, you can easily and light-heartedly enjoy experience being a Lolita.



Aside from this Lolita experience, they sell Lolita items in the store too.



What’s popular in this store is the headband with pancake on it!


Although it might be a little uncomfortable at first, we guarantee that girls can enjoy 120% by becoming a different you from always. This was a salon that we recommend for special moments, anniversary, and for all girls around the world!

最初はぎこちなくても、いつもと違う自分になれる空間に、女の子なら120%楽しめること間違いなし。 特別な時に、記念に、世界中の女の子みんなにおすすめできるサロンでした。

Editor Misaki

Maison de Julietta
ADDRESS: 1.5F Laforet HARAJUKU 1-11-6 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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