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Maison de Julietta



With the two bloggers, Philippine born Tricia and Malaysia born Fish, we went to, “Maison de Julietta” to enjoy the Lolita experience!
Maison de Julietta, located in 1st floor of LaForet, is a salon where you can experience being a Lolita. As the model Misako Aoi being the supervisor, you can look like a real Lolita!

フィリピン出身のTriciaとマレーシア出身のFishの2人のブロガーと一緒に「Maison de Julietta」のロリータ体験に行ってきました。
Maison de Juliettaは、ラフォーレ原宿の1階にある、ロリータを体験できるサロン。モデルの青木美紗子さんが監修していることもあり、本格的にロリータになれます。


Let’s begin this experience! First fill out the form.
Write down what kind of Lolita style you want to challenge!



And, the moment you’ve been waiting for… Picking out the clothes!
There are many outfits to choose from depending on the season. The clothes are from many famous Lolita brands: “BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT,” “Angelic Pretty,” “ALICE and the PIRATES,” “Metamorphose temps de fille,” “Innocent World”!
From Princess-style to Gothic-style, you can choose out any type of outfit depending on your mood.

季節によってかわる衣装は「BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT」、「Angelic Pretty」、「ALICE and the PIRATES」、「Metamorphose temps de fille」、「Innocent World」などなど、人気ロリータブランドのものばかり!


Tricia and Fish chose out different colored one piece, and they tried the Twins style!



Next you choose out the shoes.



Choose out socks and blouse that would match the dress and shoes. Then, move on to changing!



The shop staff will adjust the ribbon for you.
Under the dress, you will wear 3-layered tutus, so it will look voluminous!



This is Tricia and Fish after changing!
Although the blouse and the shoes are different, the pattern of the dress is the same so they still look matching.



They seem like they are very much enjoying their outfits that is different from always!
They snap a selfie, feeling super happy.


Be sure to check out tomorrow’s part two report, where Tricia and Fish both become 100% Lolita with their make up!


Editor Misaki

Maison de Julietta
ADDRESS: 1.5F Laforet HARAJUKU 1-11-6 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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