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If you love Harajuku, you know this shop! Here’s our report on TOKYO BOPPER, one of the long-stablished shops in Harajuku, specialized for platform shoes.
The shop staff showed us the coordinates matching with shoes.
The first one is a monotone coordinate!

原宿が好きな人なら知らない人はいない、原宿路面店の老舗のひとつ、厚底靴で知られるTOKYO BOPPERに行ってきました。TOKYO BOPPERのスタッフさんに、靴に合わせたコーデを作ってもらいました。まずは靴を引き立てるモノトーンのコーデから。


Yama san, who has been working over 10 years in the shop, showed us this monotone soft coordinate with ribbon, lace, and chiffon.



Round gray shoes are by BELLY BUTTON, a brand of TOKYO BOPPER.
This is “Pad Tongue Shoes” released in last November.
PRICE: Pad Tongue Shoes 24,000JPY / BELLY BUTTON

丸みが印象的なグレーの靴は、TOKYO BOPPERのブランド、BELLY BUTTONのもの。昨年11月に発売された「パッドタンシューズ」。


There’s lace-up parts hidden under the rounded pad.



Yama-san says: “I chose massive clothes because shoes are massive too.” Translucency of chiffon skirt is matching with gray-tone clothes.



Knit hat with lace is bought in a select shop in Harajuku. “I found the top in a vintage clothes store.”



There are more variations for the cute rounded pad tongue shoes, focusing on monotone.
PRICE: Pad Tongue Shoes 24,000JPY / BELLY BUTTON



PRICE: Pad Tongue Shoes 24,000JPY / BELLY BUTTON


Monotone bag coordinate. This “Milk Crown Bag” is just released on last autumn, as one of the original bag series by TOKYO BOPPER.
PRICE: Milk Crown Bag 13,500JPY

モノトーンでバッグをコーデしてみました。この「ミルククラウンバッグ」は、昨年秋にデビューしたばかりの、TOKYO BOPPERオリジナルバッグのシリーズのひとつ。


Then, here’s shoes arranged to match with clothes. This ribbon shoes are the classic and popular series from 2011.
PRICE: Ribbon Shoes 23,000JPY / BELLY BUTTON



Here’s the whole picture. It looks so much more girly with platform shoes with ribbons.



There are brighter variations for the ribbon shoes.
PRICE: Ribbon Shoes 23,000JPY / BELLY BUTTON



Okame-san, shop staff working for a year, introduced us monotone coordinate too! Yellow is really eye-catching in black and white.
Okame-san, having been a huge fan of TOKYO BOPPER, says “my way of making coordinate is to put shoes on the center, then consider a color that enhances them, and add the color on clothes.”

スタッフ歴1年の、Okameさんも、モノトーンコーデにチャレンジしてくれました。モノトーンに黄色が差し色になっています。TOKYO BOPPERのファンだったOkameさん「靴を中心に、靴を引き立てる色を考えて、服に色を加えるのがわたし流です」とのこと。


These shoes are the latest item, released at the end of January.
It is marked by “roundness,” rounded sole, cut-work and shapes of leather.
PRICE: 24,000JPY



Okame-san says “this dress is very popular among foreign customers.”
“Shoes are black, so I chose not-too-edgy, girly and fluffy clothes.”



There’s no name for the shoes yet. The shop manager Shimanoe-san says “the shoes by TOKYO BOPPER are named by our customers or shop staffs after the release.” Shoes by TOKYO BOPPER are made and grown up in such process.
PRICE: 24,000JPY

靴の名前は、まだないとのこと。「TOKYO BOPPERの靴は、アイテムが世に出てから、お客さんやスタッフから呼ばれる愛称が名前になります」と店長の島ノ江さん。靴と人とが化学反応を重ね、靴を育てながら売るのが、TOKYO BOPPER流です。


Original bag matching with the white item.
PRICE: Hankyu (Half Sphere) Bag 13,500JPY

TOKYO BOPPERのオリジナルバッグを、白で合わせてみました。


Bijou bag brings us more imaginations for coordinate!
PRICE: Hankyu (Half Sphere) Bag 13,500JPY, Bijou Bag 16,000JPY



In the white space like an art gallery, there are special efforts for the customers to look the shoes closely. The shop manager Shimanoe-san says, “we put the importance on white space that our customers can imagine various situations.”



There’re more and more attractive points for TOKYO BOPPER, so in the next article, we’ll introduce “colorful coordinates matching with shoes.”

まだまだ魅力あふれるTOKYO BOPPER、次の記事では「靴に合わせた、色のある服のコーディネート」をご紹介します。

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4-25-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.
*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.


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