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The second part of HAIGHT&ASHBURY! This time the shop staff Natsuko Kaneyama san shows us the recommended coordinate. Here’s stylish coordinate with minimal colors.



This earring is simple but gorgeous. While maintaining the mood of vintage, the items chosen by professional buyers are very suitable for the latest fashion…
PRICE: Earring 3,800JPY



Is it a tie of similar color with the top? No…it’s collar!
Dolman sleeve and collar like tie. This is simple color but very unique!!
PRICE: Knit Tops 4,400JPY



The accessories are also unique but matching colors with black skirt and mustard top. The easiest way to get such accessories is to go to the cool vintage shop.
These shoes are exotic and unique pattern but it’s not too much because it matches with other items. There are various items from basic to unique in HAIGHT&ASHBURY.
Price: Bangle 12,800JPY, Boots 8,800JPY



Look at such gorgeous items ready for the Christmas in the shop!
You are sure to find your favorite one for your coordinate.



Natsuko san said that “you can’t miss coat for winter and there’re so many attractive coats in HAIGHT&ASHBURY now” and selected two coats.
The first one is relaxing long cardigan matching with the mustard.

“冬ならやっぱりコートがおすすめ、今HAIGHT&ASHBURYにはすてきなコートがたくさん!”と夏子さんが2つセレクトしてくれました。 まず選んでくれたからし色と統一感を持たせたリラックス感あふれるロングカーディガンはデイリーに使えそう。


The second one is knee-length long red coat. It’s very vivid but actually matching well with the coordinate. The same coordinate is changed so much, just by choosing different coat.
You can enjoy fashion in many different perspectives in one shop because there are so many items of different tastes.



In the shop of HAIGHT&ASHBURY, we felt the atmosphere of the city reflected, where new fashion is born from unique culture or sense. Why don’t you guys come and find unique fashion that nobody haven’t found yet? The big red high-heel is a landmark!




ADDRESS: Paratui-na 2F, 2-37-2 Kitazawa Setagaya, Tokyo 155-0031 JAPAN


*All prices do not include consumption tax.
*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.


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