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We went to check the dress up coordinate fro the Christmas at the specialty shop of Usagi pour to in Harajuku Cat Street. Here’s the special feather wrapped coordinate for going out, recommended by the shop staff Saki san.

原宿のキャットストリートにある、セレクトショップのUsagi pour toi(ウサギプトゥワ)に、クリスマス気分のドレスアップ・コーデをチェックしに行ってきました。スタッフの咲紀さんお勧めの、フェザーをふわりと巻いた、おでかけコーデです。


The special point for this coordinate is the feather muffler with spangle cat face embroidery done by JAMIN PUECH. This is handmade by an embroidery professional.
PRICE: Cat Muffler by JAMIN PUECH 36,000JPY

スパンコールで猫の顔を刺繍したJAMIN PUECH(ジャマン・ピュエッシュ)のフェザーマフラーが、コーデのポイント。こちらは、職人による手刺繍なのです。


Warm-looking material dress makes you feel winter mood.
PRICE: One Piece by Le Melange 16,000JPY



Black enamel shoes are selected for the theme of cuteness for sophisticated women.
PRICE: Black Shoes by ebagos 42,000JPY



There’s a gray one too. This seems to be also useful for many coordinates!
PRICE: One Piece by Le Melange 16,000 JPY



There is such a cute bag for cat series by JAMIN PUECH. The contrast of cool spangle design and cute cat face is soo fashionable.
PRICE: Cat Clutch by JAMIN PUECH 69,000JPY

JAMIN PUECHの猫シリーズには、こんなバッグも。大人なスパンコール使いと、かわいい猫のコントラストがポイントです。


How about melting into a romantic Christmas night with this pale pink coat?
PRICE: Pink Coat by dolly-sean 48,000JPY



Saki san said “the items of Usagi pour toi is displayed in the shop according to the colors, not to the brands, so that you can see the gradation of colors.”
It is perfect place for the sophisticated women who love cute and fashionable things coming to Harajuku.



The shop interior has the sense of a boutique in Paris with colorful clothes and accessories. The space is created with the world view of French artist Nathalie Lete.

色とりどりの洋服と雑貨を取り揃えた店内は、パリのブティックのおもむき。フランスのアーティストであるNathalie Lete(ナタリー・レテ)の世界観で空間が作られています。


Nathalie Lete is Paris born artist whose father is Chinese and mother German. Her works are humorous and happy, somehow cynical. She produces various works including ceramic, textile, lithograph and children’s book.



In the shop, the interior items created by Nathalie’s works are happily displayed.



There’s seasonal home decoration corner too. A sophisticated woman comes in and finds chic and playful items… there’s such a story in this boutique.



The shop interior is very playful here and there.



Don’t miss the next coordinate by Usagi pour toi, the sophisticated cute brand for grownup women.


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Usagi pour toi
1F GB Building 5-17-24
Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.
*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.


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