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This is the second report of “that” brand at the ground level of Shibuya 109!
Its introdution of recommended styles continues.

SHIBUYA109の1階にある「muse muse」パート2!引き続きおすすめのコーディネートを紹介するよ。


Pants style changes the entire look. This “Bit Pencil Pants” has a vivid yellow where you can still look delighted in the upcoming cold and “less-sunshine” season.
It’s a sophisticated item with a beautiful silhouette.
PRICE: Bit pencil pants 7,900JPY



This tops, called “Multi-Collared Knit,” has a “vitamin color” on it which doesn’t make the knit style to look heavy at all. Its cropped style is in trend, and it will look even more trendy with a high waist bottoms.
PRICE: Multi-collared knit 6,900JPY



This style is more elegant as compared to the delightful looking pants style above.
It’s all in white and obviously recommended for the winter season.
Pefect for Christmas events too!



This “Feather JQ Knit One-Piece Dress”has a soft texture and looks feminine and benign.
Wearing a belt just around the waist shapes up the look!
PRICE: Feather JQ knit one-piece dress 7,900JPY



Adding this “F Mouton Dual Jacket” makes the look not only “soft” but little “strong”.
Moutons around the chest is voluminous and brings luxurious impression to the look as well.
PRICE: F mouton dual jacket 16,900JPY



Cropped tops matches perfectly with pants style.
It’s a versatile item for all kinds of styles.



Just like this mannequin, adding bijoux to the chest makes the look more luxurious.



As reported, muse muse has its store at a ground level of Shibuya 109.
It’s one of the very few stores that has a window display and can be checked from the street outside.

今回取材したmuse muse は、なんとSHIBUYA109の1階にあります。


muse muse should be the first store to check whenever you go to Shibuya 109!

みんなもSHIBUYA109に行ったら、まずmuse muse によってみてね!



muse muse SHIBUYA109
1F, 2-29-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Photographs provided by Tokyo Girl’s Fashion:

Tokyo Girl’s Fashion: http://tokyo-girlsfashion.com/
Tokyo Girl’s Fashion provides online contents that gather real life style scenes of girls living it up in Tokyo.
The entertainment of being in the “special” locations of such girls through the website and social networks.


*All prices do not include consumption tax.
*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.


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