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Our 2nd article for GLAD NEWS designed by Miwa Mochizuki!  
You’ll be fascinated by how they reveal their concept of this season, ‘ MODE ROCK’.  
Let’s start with a girly coordinate! 

PRICE: One Piece 6,900JPY,  Hat 3,900JPY

望月美和さんプロデュースのGLAD NEWSのショップ取材第2弾!MODEとROCKを融合した今シーズンの世界観から目が離せないよ☆ 


Can you tell some edgy points hidden in this coordinate?  
They are so GLAD NEWS kind of tastes.

ガーリーな中にも、GLAD NEWSらしい、エッジが効いているんだよ。分かるかな??


They put skulls among flowers printed in their original fabric.  
Flowers are trend of this year and the skull is represent a presence of a lady like Marilyn Monroe.



Using many belts for chest area. 
Those belts represent the brands’ theme of the season ‘MODE ROCK’, and Miwa uses black in purpose.



And laced up sandal gives you a hard impression as if you are wearing a pair of boots.

PRICE: Shoes 9,800JPY



Ta-dah! ‘There is a same fabric in white!  
It’s a cute mini skirt.’ here comes Miwa Mochizuki, the producer/designer herself!!

PRICE: Skirt 5,900JPY



‘It would be nice to have a short length white top to go with the skirt’ says Miwa.

PRICE: Blouse 4,900JPY



Arranging a coordinate with a shop staff. Miwa will be appearing in our next Kawaii International episode featuring Myanmar. She will be transforming Myanmarese giles into GLAD NEWS tastes! 

ショップスタッフにコーデを合わせてみる望月さん。望月さんは、次回のKawaii Internationalの「ミャンマー編」後半部分にも登場して、ミャンマーの女の子をGLAD NEWS風にコーディネートするよ。


This kind of shirt could be good?? So cool with sweets and a skull and a gun!

PRICE: T-Shirt 4,900JPY

こんなのとか、ミャンマーの女の子に似合っちゃうかもなー、なんて!!スイーツとスカルと銃でSWEET TRAP。エッジが効いてるね!


And the back is decorated like harness kind of design.  



Wow! Check out this cute tunic!  And if you look at it up close…

PRICE: Tunic 5,700JPY



Those ice cream are also skulls!!!  So cool!  Miwa has a brilliant sense as a designer and she mentioned she had many inspirations from visiting Myanmar and trying on traditional tribal costume of Myanmarese.

アイスクリームがスカル柄☆ ひねりのきいたおしゃれ感が ハンパないよね!! こんなアイディア満載の望月さん、初めて訪れたミャンマーでは、民族衣装を着たりして沢山のインスピレーションを得たのだそう。


And she showed us this shirt, too. So there is a tail???

PRICE: Shirt 7,900JPY



And the back of it is see through back bone design!! Cool, playful and sexy!



We are so looking forward to how Miwa will transform Myanmarese girls!



This is a theme visual of the season ‘MODE ROCK’ in the shop. There is a small corner where represents the main visual and image of the season. You wanna check this out when you visit the shop.

これは今季のMODE ROCKのキービジュアル。店内の一角には、そのシーズンのテーマになるアイテムが飾ってあるんだよ。

And don’t miss our next episode in Kawaii International that Miwa will be coordinating Myanmarese girls! 
You can watch Kawaii International from NHK World website from PC, or download NHK World application on your mobile devices FREE!!!
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Next Kawaii International TV program episode will be on air
June 28, Sat. 15:10/21:10
June 29, Sun. 3:10/9:10
(UTC or Universal Time Coordinated)

さあ、はたして、ミャンマーの女の子たちは、どんな風に変身するのかな? 詳しくは、6月29(日)深夜 0:10 オンエアのNHK ワールド「Kawaii International 」ミャンマー特集をぜひ見てね!ファッション大好きな女子の、英語の勉強にもなるから、ぜひ番組を見てみてね☆ 

→→ http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/app/info/index_jp.html

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