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Hey Pocchari Kawaii girls and Hossori (Skinny) Kawaii girls!  Everybody check this out!  It’s one of origins of Pocchari Kawaii brands, MONSTER DROPS!  There are many kawaii items you can add to your coordinate.  It’s like a treasure box of the designer SUSIE’s collection!  So here we go!

ぽっちゃりさんも、ほっそりさんも、オシャレな女子、みーんな集まれっ!「元祖ぽちゃかわオシャレブランド」とも言える、MONSTER DROPSの記事第2弾だよ♪ お店には、お洋服以外にも、デザイナーのSUSIE(スージー)さんが集めた、かわいいらしい小物もいっぱい!小物コーナーと、春夏コーデをご紹介~☆

Did you know you need a special work to make Kawaii clothes for Pocha-Kawa (Cubby Cutie) girls that it’s not only making clothes bigger?  MONSTER DROPS has been creating many big sized clothing for more than 10 years!  They hire models to try on test clothes, making efforts to embody the best to fit, evolving every year, sharing their knowledge with patten specialists and designers in factories.


ぽっちゃりさんのためのお洋服って、小さいサイズをそのまま大きくするだけじゃかわいくならないって知ってた?MONSTER DROPSでは、7年以上前から、ぽっちゃりさんのお洋服作りに取り組んでいて、試作するたびにモデルさんに着てもらってみたり、パタンナーさんやデザイナーさんと一緒にお洋服作りをしているんだよ☆

Here is a special bra and shorts that they did technical collaboration with the biggest underwear maker in Japan, WACOAL.   There has been always a problem for Poccha-Kawa girls it’s been difficult to have cute underwear.  And MONSTER DROPS made their dreams come true!!!

PRICE: Bra 4,000JPY~ Shorts 2,400JPY~


MONSTER DROPSがワコールと共同開発して作ったブラとパンツがこれ。大きいサイズで、なかなかかわいいランジェリーがない、という、ぽちゃカワさんたちの悩みを一気に解決!MONSTER DROPSが長年で培ったぽっちゃりさん向けノウハウを、かわいくそして着心地よく形にしたのでした♪

And you can see more cute little items in many places of the shop.  Most of them are created by Japanese Artists, selected by SUSIE to line up here.



Socks are colorful and pop!
PRICE: From ¥2,100~




And kawaii character items☆


PRICE: Bunny Bag 5,800 JPY, Stuffed Bunny 2,800 JPY each





So much fun just to look around!



Kawaii cushion!!!!! Its Alpaca!!

PRICE:Cushion 9,800 JPY


動物モチーフのクッションも発見!かわいーー♡ アルパカさんだよ。

Alpaca has her mini skirt on, and has birdies on her back, too♪



And Gacha-pon!!! 200JPY each.



Looks like many good stuffs are here.  Canned badges and hair bands inside.



A cat catching a shelf!! A staff in a factory made it for fun!



And here is a cute small corner in the shop.  A mushroom and a log!



And you can sit on it!  The mushroom is a table.  Oh Hi Arisa!



So here comes Arisa, a shop staff that SUSIE trusts.  This time her coordinate is ‘ Show your legs’.  She says ‘ Stripe makes your legs skinnier, so try those short pants for this summer!’.  Tucking in your blouse into your short pants makes your leg even longer♪

PRICE: Blouse 16,000JPY Short Pants 12,000 JPY



How about those pairs?  Cool pockets to show off!

PRICE:Pants 17,500 JPY



It stretches so well!! You can pick from bigger sizes or try for tighter size.



And many more more in this cute wonderful shop!



MONSTER DROPS has fans from nation wide, many exhibits and conventions in many cities in Japan.   We strongly recommend you to stop by its shop in Naka-Meguro( Near Shibuya)


全国の有名百貨店で展示が大人気というMONSTER DROPS。中目黒のMONSTER’S SHOPにも、ぜひ足を運んでみて!

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ADDRESS: 1F, 3-13-11 Aobadai Meguro-Ku Tokyo


BUSINESS HOURS:13:00-20:00



*All prices do not include consumption tax.

*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.







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