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Aymmy in the batty girls is a brand that offers both pop and edgy style that are unique! Their brand is based on American culture. The designer of this brand is the model, Ayumi Seto. She is a very popular model that is filled with creative coordinate styles and has cute and unique style.

This time, I will introduce to you some of their recommended items from the 2017 Spring Collection exhibit that was held in Harajuku last month.
The concept for this season is “HAVE A NICE TRIP”.

アメリカンカルチャーを軸に独特な完成でポップとエッジをミックスさせたスタイルを提供する、Aymmy in the batty girls。デザイナーを務めるのはモデル・瀬戸あゆみさん。クリエイティビティあふれるコーディネートセンスや個性的でキュートなファッションが絶大な支持を得る人気モデルです。

先月、原宿で行われた2017 Springコレクション展示会から、一押しアイテムの数々を紹介します。シーズンコンセプトは「HAVE A NICE TRIP」。


There is a logo and inside the letter, THE AYMMYS, there is a scenery of Los Angeles printed on it. It has a retro silhouette. This old American-like One-piece dress and set up piece are printed all over the item but it’s not too much. It is a unique item that gives a mature impression.

THE AYMMYSの文字の中にロサンゼルスの風景がプリントされたロゴ。レトロなシルエット。オールドアメリカンを匂わせるワンピース&セットアップは総柄ですが重すぎず、大人っぽい印象もあるユニークなアイテムです。




Pastel jacket is also their recommended item!.It doesn’t look tight fitting but has a slim silhouette and also has an applique that looks like a sticker!
The design matches well with the travel bags too!



The items from Aymmy is that they include cuteness even in the smallest parts. They have items that are pop and cute which makes us want to go out! I can’t keep my eyes off from their 2017 Spring collection.


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Aymmy in the batty girls


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