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G2? is a shop located right in middle of Harajuku just past the Takeshita street in Harajuku. Many shops have their themes and specific genres but G2? is a bit unique. You can enjoy unlimited styles and fashion in G2? and can find many ‘Kawaiis’ in the shop!

And this time, the shop staff will introduce to us the Harajuku! Style that G2? recommends. What the shop staff, miku is wearing is the rockabilly One-piece dress style. The white dotted One-piece dress is a second hand item. It is Harajuku style to search for second hand items that will distinguish yourself from the others.

PRICE: Dot-pattern one-piece dress 5,900JPY





The red bandana brings out miku’s blonde hair! You can put it on your head or your bag… you can stylize however you like it! So it is one of the staple items in Harajuku.

PRICE: Bandanna 1,200JPY



For a pop style, you need pop accessories. The accessories that are all matching in red with the bandana are special items that nobody else has! At G2?, not only they have accessories that are practical like sunglasses, but have unique items that you can wear it as an accessories like miku here!

PRICE: Necklace 2,000JPY, Sunglass 580JPY, Belt 2,900JPY



The bag brings out your inner rock style! miku is also a fan of this bag. She says, “A lot of stuff fits in this bag more than it seems! Also it matches with different style although it stands out”.

PRICE: Record disk 3-way bag 8,800JPY



Changing from the pop Harajuku style, miku came out with the all black coordinate. This outfit is created by all G2? items!



This head piece makes this whole look gorgeous. They have a lot of feathers attached on it! At G2?, there are accessories that are perfect for parties!

PRICE: Head piece 8,800JPY



This put together black coordinate that looks like a dress has many trendy factors to it. Currently in Harajuku, it is very trendy to layer laced camisole! When you have a lot of plain colored items, just throw it on and you can create an elegant coordinate.

PRICE: Turtle neck knit tops 2,300JPY, Lace camisole 3,900JPY



In G2?, they have had many lingerie types of items for a very long time. Recently there are more girls that flock to the store to find them.



By coordinating all in simple items, the laced camisole stands out even more. I bet you guys can remember miku in her rockabilly style that she was wearing before. At Kawaii filled G2?, I guarantee that all girls can find cute things that they like anywhere!

PRICE: Box skirt 6,000JPY, Bag 7,800JPY



It is very difficult to define Harajuku in one word. But if I’d have to mention only one shop that defines Harajuku, it has to be G2?. Many different Kawaii styles inspire each other and there’s new Kawaii style that are being born everyday. And I believe that is Harajuku itself.



Editor Kasumi



2F Jingumae building 3-22-7 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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