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I went to a shop called G2? that has been popular for many years in Harajuku. There are many items that people of different generations and people with different taste can enjoy! And the reason is because they offer “Kawaii” items from different generations’ point of view.
I was shown variety of different coordinate that incoorporated their items! What the shop staff, miku wore was the classic autumn coordinate that used the checkered skirt.




Beret hat is one of G2?’s classic items. Over the years, they have had different colored Beret hats that not only customers but stylists come shop here often!

Price: Beret 2,900JPY




She turned this into a cool look by matching a black suspenders with bright red tops.

Price: Turtle-neck knit tops 1,900JPY, Suspender 1,200JPY



The checkered skirt that gives a warm impression has been one of the popular staple item for every autumn and winter. Depending on the colors that each stripes has, it gives a different impression so girls with different tastes can come here to search for their favorite checkered skirts.

Price: Check skirt 5,300JPY



In the shop, there are same items that were used in the coordinate but gives off a impression since the colors are a bit altered. You can find autumn classical items and popular items in G2?.

PRICE: Re-make One-piece dress 7,800JPY



Next is a classical coordinate that’s drastically different from the previous coordinate. G2? is not a store where you can find items of only one certain style. You can enjoy this mature look too! This coordinate uses all second hand items.



It gives a poise look with the elegant wide brimmed hat.

Price: Hat 5,900JPY



G2? Has a wide varieties of accessories. They have different types of collars that you can also use for parties. The One- piece dress is a second hand item. With the selected new items, G2? also has wide range of Kawaii second hand items that you will be sure to find your favorite outfit or items just for you!

Price: Detachable collar 9,800JPY, One-piece dress 6,800JPY



This gorgeous crystal decorated bag is elegant enough to bring to the parties. That gorgeousness and uniqueness comes from being a second hand item! Maybe that is the reason why vintage items and G2? are loved in Harajuku.

Price: Bijou bag 6,800JPY




G2? has “only one” Kawaii items that is liked by people with different styles and from different generations. I believe the secret of G2? being loved by Harajuku girls and the people that visit Harajuku is because they have unlimited styles that defines Harajuku. There’s no way you can’t miss G2? The next time you visit Harajuku!



Editor Kasumi




2F Jingumae building 3-22-7 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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