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Baby shoop is a store with the theme of “Clothes for black skinned lady”. Although black Gyaru is disappearing, and other brands are changing their styles and concepts, Baby shoop has been running with the same concept without changing their concept. This time the coordinate that shop staff has shown us is this coordinate.

The theme is “dancer”.

The comfortable sweatshirt material set up as oversized. The shop staff says, “Dancers prefer to wear baggy cloths but for men clothing, it can be expensive. We created this product so that the dancers can buy it at an affordable price.”

「黒人女性のための服」がテーマのBaby shoop。黒ギャルが消滅しつつあり、多くのブランドがコンセプトや系統を変えつつある今もなお昔から変わらず強めなお洋服を展開し続けています。今回、ショップスタッフが紹介してくれたコーディネートはこちら。




For the hoodie pull over, there is a big logo printed on the chest and the small logo below the chest area. The printed colors are offered in black and gold color If you want to look bold, choose gold, and if you want to look cool, choose black.



For the hoodie, there is a trademark logo for Baby shoop, the afro-girl is printed on it. Even at the places where you cannot look, there is a precise design!

フードにはBaby shoopトレードマークのアフロガールがプリントされています。目立ちにくい場所にもお洒落ポイントが隠されてあるのがうれしいですね。


For the inner, match it with the vivid color. The big logo will catch your attention. With cursives, you can look cool!



The next coordinate they will show you is the American styled coordinate. Vivid color tops with colorful bottoms. You will be sure to get attention!



I’m sure you already have realized by now but Baby shoop has big logos on their cloths. For over half of the tops that are in the shop has big logo.

With stripe print and OMG logo, you can easily create street style coordinate! It is oversized, and you can hide up to our hips, so your bodyline will not be accentuated.

もうお気づきかもしれませんが、Baby shoopのお洋服は大きめロゴがたくさん使われています。お店の半分以上のトップスには大きなロゴがあしらわれています。



These unique leggings are inspired by American comics. There are many neon colors and these bright leggings will be sure to attract attention.



Look at this one in different color! The center Marilyn Monroe will catch your attention. This is a playful item where you want to stare at the words all day long.



For the bright coordinate, go simple with this white knit hat. It is only white but has a big gold logo on it so you can go for the sexy look as well! If you match it with simple clothes, this would be the point for the coordinate. It is multi-useful hat!



The accessories are the mix of gold, big and glitter. For any accessory with any coordinate, you will be sure to become center of the attention.

There is no store of this concept like no other. Baby shoop has been the center of the Japanese Gyaru fashion ever since its opening. The shops staffs were all cute Gyarus that made me want to stay longer.


こんなにコンセプトが統一されているお店はほかにも少ないのではないでしょうか。創立以来日本のギャルファッションを支えているBaby shoop。ショップスタッフもみんなかわいいギャルで、思わず長居してしまいたくなるお店でした。

Editor Tamaki


Baby shoop
2-29-1, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0043, Japan

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