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Princess Doll is a brand where one designer, Aya dos from the fabric to design, and branding all by her self. There is a sore that sells Princess Doll clothes in Germany, and they even do international shipping, so it is a popular brand amongst the foreign customers. The first one-piece dress that she introduced to us is this!
PRICE: Polka dot Baby Doll 19,800JPY

デザイナー 綾さんが生地からデザイン、ブランド立ち上げまですべて一人で担当しているブランド、Princess Doll。外国人にもとっても人気のこちらのブランドに、今回はお邪魔してきました。綾さんがまず紹介してくれたのは、こちらのワンピース。


Look at the shiny dotted sewing. They use thin fabric so it will be perfect for summer. The black ribbon will give you a mature and cute look. It is a rubber gather on the waist so you do not have to worry about the waist size and wear it.



There are ribbons on the back too! The characteristic of Princess Doll is that they make the back style cute too!

後ろにもリボンがあしらわれています。バックスタイルにも手を抜かないのがPrincess Doll流。


The sleeves are long so you can wear it sophisticatedly with the flouncy feel.



Look at the arms! So cute! They lace gloves look classical with the calm color.



Here are the color variations. Mint will make you look breezy, gray will give you mature look. Whether you wear it by itself or with blouse, it will give you a complete look.



This is the first fruit motif one-piece dress by Princess Doll. They use the contrasting color of blue and pink so it will give you a big impact. You can create the complete coordinate and get attention from everyone!
PRICE: Cherry&Rabbit Dress 23,900JPY

こちらのドレスはPrincess Doll初のフルーツモチーフのワンピースとなっております。ライトブルーにピンク、対象色を使っているためインパクト大。これ一着で注目を受けられるコーディネートが完成できちゃいます。


This is the close up of the pattern for “Cherry & Rabbit”. It is a rabbit that is a cherry created by the illustration writer that is active in magazines, Yoh!



The cutting design of the chest area is the Princess Doll’s original design. It will make your neckline very beautifully and give you femininity. There are gold laces so it will also give you elegance.

胸元のカッティングはPrincess Dollオリジナルのデザイン。デコルテを綺麗に見せてくれて、女性らしさを演出してくれます。ゴールドレースもあしらわれていてエレガントさも演出されています。

#661_princessdoll_10s #661_princessdoll_11s

These tights are very cute. There is a logo of Princess Doll on the stomach. It will make you happy with the design that is not visible to everyone else.
From deep emerald blue to cream purple gradation, it is very beautiful. From the toe castle design to railroad, all the designs are intricate so you can admire it all day.



There are three different colors for tights too. If you wear black, it will make you mature, and with gray, it will give you soft look.



The last one we will show you is the beautiful vivid color one-piece dress. And this name is “One-piece dress with sewn ribbon for me”. This is an innovative sign that Aya created spending time and effort for many years.



At a glance it looks like ribbon pattern, but it you look at the material closely, the 9 little dwarfs are actually sewing the ribbon! From shedding the cotton hair, sewing the ribbon, to the display, it is very detailed! It is cute since it has a small story in an outfit.



Each outfit has a story to itself so you can admire all day looking at Princess Doll items. Enjoy these intricate designs!

一つ一つのアイテムに、それぞれのストーリーがあって見ているだけでも長時間楽しめちゃうPrincess Dollのアイテムたち。是非、手にとってこの絵の細かさを楽しんでくださいね。


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