From BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT main store, we show you Lolita fashion that you can casually wear in the summer! And name of that is…sailor collar cut and sewn one-piece dress!

PRICE: Sailor One Piece Dress Blouse with Ribbon Tie 11,800JPY, Hat owned by the model, Strawberry Days  Necklace owned by the model / Alice and the Pirates, Cherry Dot Bracelet (Red) 3,300JPY,  Dotted Ribbon Scrunchy (Black) 1,800JPY, Lacy Lace Up Socks 4,000JPY, BABY CHERRY Crew Socks 2,600JPY, Shoes Privately owned by the model.

BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT本店から、夏のお出かけに、カジュアルに着られるロリータファッションのご提案。その名も、セーラー襟のカットソーワンピースです。


From the front it looks like a normal collar but the back is the white sailor collar. This summer coordinate can be created with wearing the sailor one-piece dress with straw hat. The white lace on the red ribbon of the straw hat will accentuate the sailor collar very well!



Look at the wrist for the black and red color! The black is the scrunchy and the red is for shaped bracelet! It looks cute like the candy!
PRICE: Cherry Dot Bracelet (Red) 3,300JPY Scrunchy (Black) 1,800JPY



You can remove the bow tie! With the red accented coordinate, we matched here with the strawberry series necklace.
PRICE: Strawberry Days Necklace owned by the model



For the foot, it is breezy lace socks with crew socks on top! This crew socks are the original popular item and the ribbon and lace changes every year. The point for this brand’s crew socks is the big ribbon. Choose the lace with the same material as the outfit.
PRICE: Lacy Lace Up Socks 4,000JPY, BABY CHERRY Crew Socks 2,600JPY, Shoes Privately owned by the model.


#675_BABY_06s #675_BABY_07s

One of the techniques to bring out unity in the whole outfit is “using same type material lace for coordinate”. At BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, there are many material laces, and each has different material laces you can match like collar, lace bracelet, socks, skirt rim lace! This is detailed martial lace torsion!

様々なアイテムを組み合わせるコーデのポイントとして「同じタイプのレース素材をコーデする」があります。BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHTでは、レースの素材が多数あり、それぞれの素材を襟や、お袖とめ、ソックス、スカートの裾レースなどと合わせていきます。こちらは、繊細な質感のあるトーションのレースです。



Next is the lace tulle. It has details that the girls want as well as lace that is lovely.



This is the cotton lace. It is comfy and soft and very girly! The point for this coordinate is mix and matching these laces!




For example, if you match torsion lace and cotton lace, you can create gorgeous collar line! Also with lace bracelet and socks, you can mix either lace and enjoy the coordinate!



The rim of the skirt of the same coordinate is this! Under the white cotton apron, you can see the lace tulle underneath and it acts as an accent.



And you can create this lace mixed total coordinate. 
PRICE: Back Pin-Tucked Blouse 12,800JPY, Oyayubihime ~Encounter with Maya~ Story~ Jumper Skirt Type-I 26,800JPY, Lila Over Lace Aepron 18,800JPY



You can choose patterns and series based on which variation of lace you want to incorporate in your coordinate.


#675_BABY_14s #675_BABY_15s

Enjoy the Sumer breezy items or vivid colors by taking the tips that Rin gave for you today! Enjoy your summer Lolita coordinate!



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