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This time at Innocent World, Shinjuku shop, we were introduced the summer Lolita fashion by shop staff, Saeko!
The first coordinate is this! The jumper shirt that looks like a circus and pair it with a straw hat, it will become a beautiful coordinate that will be perfect for the hot summer! By having tricolor ribbon print on the top and the bottom, it makes it look more put together!
PRICE : French Poodle High Waist Jumper skirt  22,800 JPY , French Lace Hat 7,900 JPY

Innocent World新宿店でショップスタッフのさえこさんにInnocent Worldイチオシのロリータファッションを紹介していただきました。


On the bottom, there are prints of cute poodles and hearts. The heart print that doesn’t stand out too much, adds the extra cuteness!



On the tops, there is a logo of Innocent World and the badge makes it look stand out. If you look closely, there are hearts inside the polka dots. The shoulder strap is stripe design! It is playful with the cool combination of dots, hearts and suspenders.

トップにはInnocent Worldのロゴ入りのバッジがひときわ目を引きます。そしてよく見ると、水玉の中にハートが混ざっています。肩ひもの部分はストライプ柄があしらわれています。水玉×ハート×サスペンダーという不思議な組み合わせが遊び心いっぱい。


In the back, there is a big ribbon that all girls admire! This big ribbon attracts attention to the top that makes your back style look nice and slender. The gathers makes you able to wear it without feeling too tight!



The perfect Lolita fashion is not complete without being accessorized! Look at the wrists! It is the lace bracelets that are only sold in summertime! The t-shirt in summertime makes the arm area a bit less accessorized, but with this you can differentiate from other girls! With this, you can get through the hot summer. 
PRICE : Triple Ribbon Arm Cover 4,000 JPY


#673_Innocent-World_006s #673_Innocent-World_007s

She chose out the classical Lolita red shoes. Aside from this for this summer, there are gold, as well as traditional white, black and brown. It’s so cute with ribbon in the front and the back.
PRICE : Cross Ribbon Shoes



Saeko showed us this item, knickers. This is something you wear inside the one-piece dress.



If you actually wear it, it looks like this. The lace ribbon that peaks out from the one-piece dress is elegant. It is a recommended item if you want to differentiate from other girls!



#673_Innocent-World_010s #673_Innocent-World_011s

Also we found this red cherry printed on the white backdrop. On the bottom, there is cherry jam printed on it! The sleeves are this year’s trendy see-through frills that make the whole coordinate gorgeous. It is perfect for the elegant princess look.
PRICE : Cherry Jam Lace Jumperskirt 23,800 JPY



#673_Innocent-World_013s #673_Innocent-World_014s

Another thing that many girls worry about in the summer is the UV. In Innocent World, there’s UV cut cute items too! This is an umbrella but it can be used for sunny days and rainy days, so it’s very useful! There’s heart scallop on the frilly lace. You can protect yourself from UV by still looking cute.

暑い夏に女性が特に気にするのは紫外線ですよね。Innocent Worldは紫外線対策もかわいいアイテムを取りそろえています。こちらの傘なのですが、晴雨兼用で晴れの日も雨の日も使うことのできる優れもの。


At Innocent World, there are many Lolita fashion items that girls can enjoy even in the blazing summer heat. There are many items that Lolita beginners can enjoy, so why not challenge wearing Lolita fashion from this summer?

Innocent Worldは、暑い夏でも楽しめるロリータファッションアイテムがいっぱい。ロリータ初心者でも楽しめるアイテムがたくさんあるので、この夏からロリータファッションに挑戦してみてはいかが?






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