GLAVIL by tutuHA


Everyone can’t take it’s eyes off of her because of her sweet and devilish attractiveness… A mixed style of rock, casual, romantic and sexy, GLAVIL by tutuHA offers unique presence for you who cares what you are and wanting to keep people’s attention to you on and off!!


小悪魔的で人を魅了する、なぜか目が離せない彼女…。GLAVIL by tutuHAは、そんな女の子のREAL CLOSET.  ROCK、CASUAL、ROMANTIC、SEXYをMIXしたONLY ONE STYLEを追及。ON/OFFでも自分らしさにコダワリ、いつも注目されていたいあなたに。


ADDRESS: Shibuya 109 4th Floor

2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

PHONE: +81-3-3477-5062




Another recommendation from GLAVIL by tutuHA!  The mixture of skulls and crosses, with romantic taste using tulle.  ‘Skull Tulle One Piece’ 6,825 JPY





One of must-buys for this summer!  Sherbet colors are trends of this summer and skulls in tutu to make it devilish kawaii!  ‘Skull tutu’  5,145 JPY





This one’s got all the cute, devilish, romantic and sexy!  Maybe for a night out?? Go for it! Skull-print Roma cut Tops’ 5,145 JPY





Sometimes you need a small trick to make your style perfect.  This belt is made for that!  ‘Devil Belt’ 4,095 JPY




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